Genii Review

Company: Genii Ltd
Company Launched: 2016
Location: Malta
Number of Slot Games: 114
Platforms: Mobile, Desktop
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: +44 1865 339 359
Casinos: 23


List of online casinos with Genii games


Genii - a company that mainly specializes in the development of slot machines and some other games for online casinos. Each game created by this provider is of high quality, has excellent graphics, good soundtrack, and vivid animation effects. This software developer released many slot machines, which later became real hits. Many players know such slots as Legends of Greece, Rise of Spartans, and many other gaming machines of this developer.

This studio is managed by real specialists and people with many years of work experience in other companies involved in the supply of gaming software for casinos. Therefore, the provider's video slots can have completely different topics. Still, each of them is becoming popular mainly due to exciting storylines. Many users love the company's games thanks to their breathtaking stories.

The online gambling industry is very competitive and rapidly developing. Therefore, the company was obliged to implement innovative solutions in its developments and create entirely new games to take its place in the field.

Entertainment and excitement are the main components of online gambling, which means that providers have to face some risks when developing such software. But the company's risks were entirely worth taking, according to the extensive list of online portals that host content from this provider.

Special Features of the Games

According to the developer's specialists, their games are exceptional due to their creativity. Besides, they offer only high-quality software, a creative approach to games, and an excellent visual component of any gaming option. These features make the provider's content what the players need, namely - high quality and unique characteristics. It is worth noticing that the company's team knows what its customers need. Moreover, the developer has been working in the online gambling market for more than 15 years. Therefore, the company's specialists personally know how it works, since they started at the origins of online gambling entertainment in the 1990s.

When the company was created, its managing staff was well aware that the gambling industry was developing rapidly, and priorities were changing very often. That is why the developer's team had managed to gain popularity and became one of the providers of avant-garde games. After the release of these gaming options, the provider's team managed to achieve uniqueness. It meant that the developer's gaming software became recognizable on the gambling market and was favorably different from its competitors' games.

Development’s Features

When it comes to developing specific content, the provider's specialists do not limit themselves at all. It means that when creating new games and other products, the developer often conducts experiments. Of course, not all experimental models turn out to be successful, but without these experiments, it is impossible to achieve a unique product, which subsequently becomes most often a hit. This supplier is not used to adhere to a particular style and standard solutions.

When online casino operators purchase one or several games or buy a package of products from the provider, they can be sure that all the software will significantly differ from generally accepted standards and rules.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Any software manufacturer for online casinos, including Genii, is well aware that the future of gambling lies in mobile technologies. It means that the providers must follow the latest trends and keep up with the times for successful business.

It is worth mentioning that the company is quite a successful manufacturer in this regard. Today, the provider's desire to be modern is successfully implemented, since many games are explicitly released for mobile devices with popular operating systems, such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. By the way, it became possible after developing its game engine created in collaboration with famous brands such as Microsoft, Fusion-io, and Dell. Cloud technologies were used to ensure the fast launch of the games on a flexible gaming platform.

Gaming Software

The main activity of the company is, of course, creating games for online casinos. Nevertheless, one of the promising directions is the expansion of the Customer relationship management system (CRM), which is primarily intended for online casino operators.

Although the company's history begins in Eastern Europe, over the years, the provider has significantly expanded its influence. Today it can boast of partnerships with leading operators and other developers of the online casino software all around the world.

The company is engaged in the development, supply, and support of gaming software, which is popular among both operators and directly ordinary players. In addition to developing video slots, the provider is also involved in the successful creation of keno, video poker, and other games.

Main Differences of the Games

It is almost impossible to meet two games similar in style from this provider. And this is not surprising because the company employs many professional designers, whose skills and talent guarantee each gaming option's individuality.

Moreover, there is not even a hint that this or that game is created by one company. Examples include such gaming machines as Safari Epic Big Game, Elementium, and Horn of Plenty. If you do not know for sure, you can assume that these games have been created by entirely different companies, since they differ from each other in many ways and above all in graphics.

At the moment, the company offers its customers 130 different slot machines for every taste. And among the provider's partners, there are many well-known online casinos, including LeoVegas, iForium, and Casino Dukes.

Innovative Approach to Games

The games are the face of the company that often implements innovative solutions. For example, the Elementium slot features 16 reels and a unique dual-direction pay line system. This slot is one of the operator's series of gaming machines, called Spin16.

Another splendid example of innovation is the Arcadia i3D slot machine, which has 240 pay lines and, at first glance, is rather complicated. However, it is an easy and exciting slot machine to play. 3D symbols are the most attractive pictures in this game.

Gaming Assortment

The full list of games by this developer includes more than 130 titles. All of these slot machines were developed, taking into account the players' needs. These games are unique content, including the famous Spin 16 series.

When creating new games, the provider's specialists are not limited to using new themes and catchy names. When developing the content, the company's team uses a unique mathematical model of a future slot, selects the target audience for the game, studies the latest trends in the gambling market, and then it starts the development.

The main task of the provider is to ensure comfortable and pleasant gameplay for players. At the same time, the maximum return of games for operators is also substantial, although both parameters are interrelated with each other.

If the operators use these products correctly, they will undoubtedly bring them profit. Of course, online casino operators are the primary consumers of the company's software. However, the provider also sells its software to land-based casinos. Besides, players can download any of the games separately and enjoy playing them offline.

Gaming Platform

All gaming software from this provider is developed on a universal platform, thanks to which it ensures smooth operation, compatibility with many systems, and third-party integration. Moreover, the company’s software uses Push technology, which provides a high speed of information transfer, simplifying many processes.

Along with the platform, a unique bonus system is offered, which is perfectly integrated with any game by the developer. Moreover, each gaming item has the function of setting the parameters for the Bonus system in a specific game.