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Today it is difficult to meet a person who has not heard about digital currencies and Bitcoin in particular. But this was not always the case. The beginning of 2009 marked the emergence of the first cryptocurrency. Then, few people believed that its history would be long and spectacular. And in vain.

The first gambling prospect of such "money" was noticed by mBetSolutions NV, opening a bitcoin casino. His work was based on the digital game platform CoinGaming. This event among players had the effect of a bombshell.

In the wake of the rise in the popularity of digital currencies, many operators saw the prospect of introducing in their institutions the use of this type of currency. So a new era of online casinos began.

At the very beginning of their appearance, such gaming clubs, by and large, were no different from the usual online establishments: the same games, the ability to use fiat money, design, and others. A little later, specialized casinos began to introduce their "chips" and became a separate part of the gambling sphere.

Bitcoin Casino Types

Bitcoin Casino has emerged at the intersection of two areas of interest: gambling services and the development of demand for the use of cryptocurrency transactions.  By and large, all online casinos of this plan can be divided into two types:

  • Traditional (hybrid) clubs where cryptocurrency is just one of many ways to make settlements.

In such establishments, most often, a separate section is allocated in the lobby for games. They accept bets on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The disadvantage of such clubs is the lack of additional protection of the player’s identity and the need to provide information about the bank account.

  • Specialized online casinos that use cryptocurrency transactions exclusively. In such establishments, the player is fully protected and anonymous. This means that no one will know the amount and amount of money that a player contributes to and withdraws from the casino.

These clubs are completely dependent on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. For them, traditional payments are the exception rather than the rule. While hybrid casinos have almost always rented software, these casinos are almost always run on their own software. Experienced players call this a big plus, as the whole platform works according to their interests.

It is the second type of remote gambling club that enjoy the interest of cryptocurrency owners. This is due to the many advantages they have.

 Bitcoin Casino Benefits

At the dawn of the development of cryptocurrency technology and the advent of the first Bitcoin casinos, most ignorant players were not notable for their courage to use them in gambling clubs. Those who were more daring shared with others on various forums impressions of the game on cryptocurrency. And here is what they noted:

  • High transaction speed When conducting financial transactions, the cryptocurrency needs no more than a minute for a successful receipt to a casino account or crypto wallet. There is a clear plus because most customers of online gambling establishments have at least once faced the problem of blocking money by the bank. Such questions will never arise when using digital currency.
  • Anonymity. The gamble is guaranteed to be kept secret from everyone, including government authorities, thanks to the use of cryptocurrency. Confidentiality is ensured by system-encrypted data. In crypto-casino, there is no need to be verified, or it is minimal.
  • Saving on commissions. When withdrawing fiat sums, players have to give a part of their money to payment systems, banking organizations, exchanges, and other third parties. A particular disorder causes this fact when cashing large sums. But when using digital currencies, the client itself "assigns" to himself the size of the commission, and in any case, it is more economical than in the first case described. For casinos, using digital currency is also a great solution, as they also save on commissions. In return, crypto players receive more lucrative bonuses. Thus, the clients of such clubs win doubly.
  • Ability to play satoshi. For those who do not like to play for large sums, the use of bitcoin is a godsend. Specialized casinos offer bets in minimal amounts of bitcoin - satoshi. They are 0, 00000001 BTC. It’s almost impossible to see that in a classic institution. With small payments, such institutions have no restrictions to maximize the replenishment of the account.
  • Many crypto casinos offer "transparent games." These are games in which the player can personally verify the integrity of the random number generator.
  • Large selection of cryptocurrency "money." Among the common - ones are BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, ADA, TRX, and Dash.

This list can be continued further: the ability to track your transfers, play from a country where gambling is prohibited, lucrative bonuses, 100% guarantee of the player’s funds protection from scammers, and the use of the principle of crowdfunding.

📜 Casino Selection Criteria with Bitcoin Support

When choosing a Bitcoin Casino, the user should carefully approach the site of the club. As well as in traditional online institutions, in this case, there is a possibility to get on the SKYM project. In order to avoid further problems and financial losses, it is important to pay attention to several points.

First of all, the visitor should pay attention to whether the club is working legally. This is printed at the bottom of the resource or duplicated in the user agreement.

Next, it will be important to determine whether the pins of cryptocurrency in the country of residence are allowed. Do not be afraid to ask the operator of the online chat. Otherwise, there may be a situation where registration is possible but no conclusions.

Do not forget about familiarization with the user agreement. Often, players ignore this rule or read it without paying attention. Because of this, there are problematic situations in which the administration of the institution is officially right. Accordingly, the casino customer will not be able to return their funds back.

Additionally, you should make sure of the following:

  • Have licenses
  • Support HTTPS protocol
  • Management integrity based on feedback from forums and specialized resources

If the player, when choosing a gambling crypto-club, will carefully studies it according to the characteristics described above, he will not have any problems.

Bitcoin Game Variants

Bitcoin Casino offers a wide range of gambling. The range of gaming models is not inferior to classic games. On the contrary, in specialized virtual institutions, operators collect the best and actual games. In order to interest their customers, games are chosen so that any client would want to return to the site. In the lobby of any Bitcoin casino, you can find slots, cards, tables (roulette, dice, blackjack, baccarat, sic-bo, poker), games, and games with a real dealer.

To summarize, it can be said that innovative blockchain technology fits perfectly into the interests of remote casino customers. The management of these institutions can only be honest to their clients so as not to lose their reputation.