No deposit casino bonuses


At the moment, there are more than a thousand of online casinos on the Internet. They all differ from one another in the design, different range of slot machines, number of developers, and quality of services rendered. But for all that, they have one feature in common. At every online casino, there are bonuses. In general, there are several types of them:

  • Bonus granted after a deposit is made
  • No-deposit bonus

  What we are going to consider is the no-deposit type of the incentive, we will tell you about the main points that are worth paying attention to, the subtypes of this incentive, when and why it is granted to the player.

No-deposit bonus for registration
  It is credited to the player’s account after they open a playing account at the casino. The gift can be in the form of free spins or real money. Basically, the size of this bonus is not large, 10 to 50 free spins or €5 to €10. But the main function of the registration bonus is to give the player an opportunity to get more familiar with the establishment, and also to win some money if they are lucky.

  The same as any bonus at the casino, the “no-dep” is granted on certain terms. For the most part, they are individual for each establishment, but we’d recommend you pay attention to the following requirements:

  • The wagering conditions

  In the casino’s rules, this requirement is stipulated as “Wager”. It depends on its size whether the player will be able to fulfill this requirement. The lower this figure is, the higher the probability of winning will be. A wager is the sum of bets the player is required to place.
  Let’s consider an example. The player has registered with the establishment, and received 10 no-deposit spins in a video slot, with a wager of х50. After he has used the free spins, the winning amount was €20. This means that to have the possibility to withdraw the bonus funds, he has to place bets as follows: €20 (Winning) х 50 (Wager) = €1000. This is the amount he is required to bet in the casino’s games. It should be noted that if one is lucky enough, this is more than possible.
  The next parameter is very important, and influences the entire playing process:

  • The allowed maximum bet size

  When using bonus funds in a game, the players must never exceed the maximum bet figure set by the online casino. If this rule is violated, the player can be left with no winning. On average, it will be a sufficiently good parameter if the bet amount is equal to €5.
  Some online casinos have an automatic restriction on the bet, that is, in the process of playing you will not be able to place a bet that is higher than the approved value. So, before starting playing you should ask the support service if the casino provides these functions.

  • Allowed games

  A casino will have a list of games which it is prohibited to play with an active bonus in the playing account. The full list of such games is always provided in the bonus rules or in the description of the no-deposit bonus. Make sure you get familiar with this list before you start playing. Although, some casinos will not allow you to load a slot in automatic mode if it cannot be played with a bonus. In the vast majority of cases, if you have placed bets in games from the “prohibited list” anyway, your wager simply will not be decreased. But there are some casinos that use this rule to leave the player with no winning, so be careful.

  • Maximum withdrawal of funds

 As a rule, the amount available to be received by a player always has a limitation and is specified in the bonus conditions. Based on the experience and analysis of the existing no-deposit offers, the average figure is equal to €50. In case of funds withdrawal it is necessary to make a minimum deposit at the establishment, sometimes this is not required.
  Before you use a no-deposit registration bonus, we recommend you get familiar with the parameters listed above. This will protect you from possible unpleasant incidents, and let you have a pleasant time at the establishment. For illustration purposes, to show you what a no-deposit offer should look like, here is the offer available to the players who complete the procedure of registration at the online casino Bob Casino: "After registration, the player will get 10 free spins with a wager of 40 and maximum withdrawal amount of €50. The bet amount in the process of wagering is limited to €5". We have cited this example because this casino provided the player with maximum information on the bonus conditions, and the bonus description contains a link to the detailed rules. Such a thorough approach shows that the casino is not trying to mislead the player, and is maximally transparent.

No-deposit bonus as an incentive from the casino
  Any player can receive it, either as a personal offer from the personal manager or as a gift for their participation in the loyalty program, or as a birthday present. Sometimes it is a part of the casino’s loyalty policy. At Playamo casino, for example, the players who have made deposits during the week, will receive no-deposit free spins next week. In general, there can be very many reasons, and they are individual for every establishment.

  The difference between this type of bonus and “no-deposit registration bonus” is that these offers, for the most part, do not have a limitation on the possible withdrawal amount, and have a significantly smaller wager value. But it should be remembered that in any case it is a good idea to find out on what conditions this type of bonus is granted to you.


 Certainly, no-deposit bonuses of any type are well worth using. The obvious reason is, this is a gift that does not require the player to replenish the account. But we strongly recommend once again that you get familiar with the conditions this gift is provided on. Imagine the situation when someone played for several hours to have the possibility to withdraw his winning received with the use of a no-deposit bonus, made plenty of bets, but violated the rules in the process. In this case, the casino will most probably leave him with no winning. This will be very disappointing of course. On our website, you can find a list of casinos that grant a no-deposit bonus for registration.