No deposit casino bonuses


Those who like to spend time at an online casino can often find all kinds of promotions and bonuses from online gambling establishments. Moreover, regular players know the rules for receiving and wagering bonus offers better than some casino managers. Everyone has heard about casino deposit bonuses, though this type of promotion is not always relevant, but only when the casino is new, and the players want to test the game first. It is better to do that for real money. In such cases, casinos offer and introduce their players a particular type of bonuses, which are called no deposit. As the name says, this is a type of bonus that does not need any deposit.

Historical Background

No deposit bonus was first offered at the casino in the form of an hour of free game. All new visitors who registered an account were given a certain amount of bonus amount from $100 to $2,000. Then the timer started for 60 minutes. The visitors needed to play their favorite games all this hour. At the end of the countdown, the remaining amount in the player’s account, minus the bonus funds that he received for that hour of the game, was transferred to the real balance in the casino. But, if the player lost the funds issued, then, accordingly, he did not receive anything. That was the first no deposit, which in the future also needed to be won back or, in other words, by fulfilling the wagering requirements. However, such bonuses are no longer so popular and, and the casinos use advanced bonuses as free casino offers.

Currently, to get a no deposit bonus, players also need to meet certain conditions indicated by the casino administration in the form of registration on the website, completing some tasks on social networks, and so on.

As a rule, the size of such bonuses is quite small - from $5 to $50. However, having wagered such a bonus, a player can withdraw the entire amount. But, there can be a small catch. After wagering this bonus, the online casino will allow you to cash out only the amount that was given at the beginning or, there is another variant with the withdrawal of the entire amount won. The fact is that each gambling establishment has its own rules. Therefore, it is necessary to read and understand the terms and conditions on the appropriate page at the casino website.

Modern No Deposits and Their Rules

Casino administrations began to realize that it has become quite expensive to give out bonuses for an hour. Indeed, players often win back such bonuses and, therefore, the winnings are not so small. By introducing restrictions in the form of cutting the amount of bonus without deposit, canceling the time limit, and increasing the wager, they minimized the risks of getting big wins. Thus, the number of fraudulent actions was also decreased, for example, of users, creating several accounts, and trying to win from each of them.

Today, having received their no deposit bonus, the players need to go through a not quite pleasant procedure. There are different kinds of verifications. The purpose of such procedures is understandable. Such a problem would not have arisen without the actions of dishonest players. Regarding wagers, at every casino, no deposit can be won back in different ways. Somewhere the bet amount should reach x99, and in other cases, it is enough just x50. This means that a player who takes a $50 bonus no deposit with x99 wager needs to make bets of $4950. The catch is in the fact that wagering is possible not in all games or is counted only partially. For example, wagering of a bonus will be counted 100% for bets in slot machines, but in roulettes - only 20% of bets will be considered as wagering.

It is worth mentioning separately a no deposit, which is issued for refill an account at a casino. Most likely, you will think that this is a great offer. But this bonus often looks more like an offer for deposits, but not a free no deposit bonus, so be careful.

Financial Procedures and Verification

As mentioned earlier, the casino administrations often take various measures to complicate getting a win from a no deposit bonus. Having won back a no deposit, the player often needs to provide not only passport scans, but in some cases, also a phone number, bank statement, confirmation of account ownership via micropayment;  (that is when they ask you to make a minimum deposit to authorize you in the system). There were cases when a player was asked to go through a video identification procedure. That is when an online casino representative from the security service calls you on Skype and checks the submitted documents with your face.

Anyway, no deposit bonuses have always attracted players who are newcomers, in most cases. They want to experience real money games without investing their own funds. But, they forget that it is very complicated to win back a no deposit and spend a lot of time trying to get such bonuses. So, it is probably worth using the bonus offer for a deposit. That is because upon receiving additional money for account refill, the opportunity of wagering it will increase several times.