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Company: ELK Studios AB
Company Launched: 2013
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Number of Slot Games: 70
Platforms: Mobile, Desktop
Email Address: [email protected]
Tel: +46 708 73 45 15
Casinos: 179


List of online casinos with ELK Studios games


ELK Studios was founded in 2013. More than seven years have passed since then, and the manufacturer's portfolio has been updated with 33 slot machines having various storylines. The developer is located in Sweden, and it immediately becomes clear where this charm and sophistication of its games come from. Although there are not many employees in the company, they are real professionals who know what to offer their players.

Initially, the main niche occupied by the manufacturer was sports betting. The team developed applications and solutions for bookmakers. Their software received many prestigious awards at various exhibitions. Moreover, the company has several licenses for gambling activities. The developer provides integration and support of its games at online casinos and testing and certification of each new gaming model for compliance with all the rules and regulations.

New Vision of Gaming Machines

For every gambling fan, the acquaintance with the provider’s products will be pleasant and memorable. This developer will undoubtedly impress its users, thanks to the detailed drawing of each element and symbol. However, the graphics quality is only the tip of the iceberg.

The progressive gambling development has brought many fantastic stories to the team’s products. Here you can find classic slots with the regular symbols “Bars” and “Sevens,” but at the same time, they will have such advanced functionality that sometimes you cannot predict how they will behave further. You can also play slot machines with the plots borrowed from the history of ancient peoples and tribes, stories about anime squirrels, monsters, fairy castles, and esoteric attributes.

As a rule, all slot machines are made in style, familiar to players with a 5x5 playing field. But there are also gaming machines where the playing field expands to fantastic sizes, increasing the number of lines for making more winning combinations.

The Company’s Games Players Should Definitely Try

Someone will say that the provider has only 33 games. However, it is worth looking not only at their quantity but also at the quality. A couple of years ago, ELK Studios had only a few slot machines, but now their number has grown substantially. It is undoubtedly worth mentioning the following slots:

  • Cygnus. This slot machine offers the theme of ancient Egypt, with its traditional pictures and cats. It is quite a specific slot. The symbols are located between two statues against the pyramid background. This slot is not usual and has a unique function named Free Drops. Instead of spinning on the reels, the symbols fall out as separate pictures, and after the winning combination appears, they disappear, and new ones fall into their place. These pictures, rolling from one place to another, will undoubtedly impress players. A bet in this slot machine is accepted only per spin because it has no lines as such. Simultaneously, the combinations are formed by dropping out in neighboring cells that do not depend on the rows. The minimum amount per spin is 20 cents, and the maximum is $100. Among the gaming machine’s unique features, you will find “Avalanche” and “Multiplier” functions. The first one will trigger a round of up to 8 Free Drops, and the second will bring the multiplier for the entire period of the free games. It is also worth noticing that the developer has provided strategies of bets, including Optimizer, Leveller, Booster, and Jumper. The choice of one of these strategies will define a certain amount to place bets, allowing you to play optimally;
  • Platooners. The main characters of this slot machine are three fruits, filming their movie in the jungle and trying to free the planet from snakes. Players will have to help them by making combinations that bring payouts. The slot has 178 active pay lines, which means that the bet is accepted per spin from 20 cents to $100. The primary symbols are Wild and Scatter. The Scatter triggers a Bonus round, where the heroes descend on their parachutes to fight dangerous reptiles. Fruits will shoot a snake made of coins and receive payments for this. The Wild has its standard function of replacing regular symbols and helping to compose paid combinations. During the spins, when a particular set of pictures is dropped out, the combat Fruits will appear and shoot the symbols or throw grenades onto the playing field, turning some cells into the Wild ones;
  • Kaju. As far as it became clear from the story of the game, it is the developer’s vision of the “Pacific Rim” movie. It is how the military team fought with fantastic monsters with the help of the giant controlled robots. The number of lines in this slot machine grows with each new win and can reach a value in 1280 directions. The Bonus Game is a Free Spins round, where each subsequent victory will expand further opportunities. At the start of the Free Spins round, the player has to choose a monster with its particular functions. And during the spins, the Wild symbols will appear depending on the selected monster. Besides, the slot game has a Vertical Wild option. When the symbols line up diagonally and form a winning combination, a Wild symbol will appear at the top of the machine and complement the corresponding combination;
  • Wild Toro. In this game, you will be transported to the Spanish bullfight arena. The entire entourage of this event was transferred to the reels of this slot machine. The device contains 178 lines of combinations. Like in all of the provider’s slot machines, this game has only one gradation of bets from 20 cents to $100. One of the main symbols of the slot, playing a particular role, is Walking Wild. When dropped out, this symbol moves one reel to the left with each new spin until it disappears. Wild Toro is the classic Wild replacing standard symbols. Matador is a symbol that starts a round of respins with subsequent retrigger. During the respins initiated by the Matador picture, the Bull can drop out, break all the symbols, and turn them into Wilds;
  • Voodoo Gold. This game is dedicated to fans of witchcraft and magic. This occult video slot consists of many lines of combinations. Pictures no longer need to line up in a strictly designated direction. It is enough for the symbols to appear on the neighboring reels to form a winning combination. The most exciting features of this slot machine are its Bonus components and the Free Drops, or Avalanche option; previously it was the Free Falls function. After a winning spin, the symbols that formed the combination disappear, and new ones occupy their place. Among the exclusive pictures, you can find Big Symbols. If such an image appears, its participation in the combination will bring you multiple Wild symbols. A Bonus picture will detonate the symbols nearby, two icons will detonate two bombs, and three bombs are detonated by three symbols, respectively. After that, the round of Free Falls begins. Sticky Wilds will appear on the playing field during Free Falls, and the playing field itself will start to expand with each new win

Opportunity to Break the Bank in One Spin

The company's slot machines provide jackpots only with a separate add-on. It means that the developer does not set up a jackpot pool. The administration of a gambling house can independently establish a separate bet counter for generating the bank. Perhaps, it is due to the large number of various bonuses integrated into the provider's gaming machines or the frequency of winnings. At least the developer does not comment on this issue.

Special Features of the Developer’s Games

The company's games have many unique functions and symbols responsible for them. It is worth taking a closer look at several of them, including the following:

  • Free Drops. This option in classic slot machines implies falling pictures and not the standard spins of the reels. As a rule, there are no directions for such functions and the bet is made only per one spin;
  • Walking Wild. It has the same functionality as a classic Wild. But, after it appears in the column, it starts moving towards the left. With each new spin, this picture moves one reel until it disappears;
  • Respin. It is an option offering to respin the reels for free. Usually, in slot machines, this function works only once. But, there are also slots where the number of respins is directly proportional to the number of symbols that have launched it;
  • Big Symbols. To realize how they work, you need to imagine how four symbols form one large square and make combinations;
  • Multiplier. Almost all slot machines have this option bringing a multiplier that the player will receive for the combination. However, some multipliers do not depend on the winnings. They are dropped out during Free Spins or Free Falls and multiply all subsequent payouts.

What Devices Does Gaming Content Support?

The company has a special department that deals with the adaptation of gaming content for mobile devices. You can play games using any of your gadgets, including your mobile device or tablets. All operating systems are now supported, be it Android or iOS. Also, don't forget about the classic component for the online casino games played on your desktop PC or laptop. Customers can launch slot machines directly in their browsers without having to download games to their devices. HTML5 technology allows you to do this in a matter of seconds. Of the supported systems, it is also worth mentioning Windows, macOS, and Unix.